Being Gracious for Gracious


Saving Gracious

Thank you for taking the time to read this which is both the story of an extraordinary person and also an appeal to your sense of kindness and good nature in our attempt to restore his health and potentially save his life. This message is coming from the friends, colleagues, clients, and others who know and love Gracious Mashasha.

Gracious who was born and resides in Zimbabwe is someone who is both brilliant and humble. These two qualities are not so commonly found in one person so it is with great honor that we share a little bit about his life. Gracious was born in 1986 along with his twin brother Gerald to a modest family who provided a good yet simple life for them and their younger brother George. While in primary school, Gracious found a love for the arts and even sang in the choir. The family moved to a new town when the twin brothers began high school in 2000 and it was there that Gracious discovered computer technology for which he has excelled. He began writing programs two years later and has been advancing ever since. Today he is a highly sought after programming specialist who has become a leader in the growing world of decentralized technology.

In 2004 tragedy hit Gracious and his family when their mother died leaving them heart stricken. At a time when he was advancing his computer language skills the loss was exceedingly hard for him. He was starting his studies in Information Systems but with only one parent the funds required for tuition were limited. But Gracious was determined to proceed forward and started his own business as a freelance programmer in order to make ends meet. As time moved forward he worked on numerous software development projects and was even hired by his university where he worked for 3 years until he began doing freelance work fulltime. In these years he became highly sought out and in 2016 began his work on a building a major e-commerce platform that will be using the new decentralized economy and will be up and running very soon.

Also in 2016 Gracious fulfilled one of his life dreams when he married his long time sweetheart Myasha. The timing seemed perfect and the couple saw a bright road ahead hoping to raise a family along with enjoying a prosperous exciting life on the horizon. Here is how Myasha described their relationship:

“Every girl dreams of her Prince charming, that perfect guy who will take her into her magical dream world full of love and for me Gracious has been the one. He’s a good, loving and supportive husband who always makes time for his marriage and contributes more than just a paycheck to the family. He strives to be a loving role model and l thank God for blessing me with such a lovely soul. Gracious is a very supportive husband who supports me in my goals even those that do not directly involve him. He’s one person that l can talk to about anything because he’s easy to talk to and makes things clear rather than shrouded in mystery. I feel so lucky to be with him. He treats me well and he loves and supports me. I am happy my kids will have the best dad ever. My life is a pretty joyful existence because of him and he’s exactly the kind of person l have always wanted to grow with”.

But shortly after their marriage tragedy struck Gracious once again. He began feeling very sick and in 2017 he learned that he had stage 4 kidney disease. His physicians recommended dialysis for which he has been undergoing treatments twice weekly. The discomfort and inconvenience became unbearable and after consulting with numerous doctors he realized his option that would allow him to regain his health was to have a kidney transplant. Due to the quality of medical care along with the lower costs, the operation is planned for this month, August in 2018 in India with Gerald, Gracious’s twin brother donating one of his kidneys to help save his life. The brothers along with Nyasha have been there and have already begun preparations. The transplant surgery itself will take place very soon and the prospects for success are high so many of us who know and love Gracious are hoping and praying he makes a full recovery.

The purpose of this appeal is to ask you to help out with the cost of the surgery along with all else that must be covered including their travel to and from India along with the living expenses away from home. The total altogether is 30,000.00 USD. Our intention is to reach out to your heart and ask if you would be willing to contribute to this crowd fundraising project to insure that Gracious and his family can spend their time focused on the healing process and not be burdened by financial stress.

We are reaching out to thousands of people all around the world and asking if you can make a small or even a larger donation so that we

can reach our goal quickly. It has been said that it is in giving that we receive. Taking action knowing you are having a direct affect on a very special someone is more rewarding than anything money can ever buy. Many crowd funding projects offer contributors rewards – what we can offer you is an assurance to keep you informed of Gracious’s progress on a regular basis with reports, pictures and hopefully recordings of him speaking which we will send directly to you.

Please take a moment and consider how it would feel if you were in the same boat as Gracious and how much it would mean to you if people you never met reached into there pockets to help you get another chance to live a healthy and happy life.

For all of us who care about Gracious we are so grateful for your support.


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